"I'll start this off by saying I'm very difficult to please when it comes to training. I've been in the gym for 35 years nearly nonstop, know many personal trainers personally and have used several over the years to overcome various physical issues. From the start, Austin did what the best PTs I've had have done. He genuinely listened to what I had to say about my goals, my limitations, my prior PT experiences, and planned a varied and still challenging workout. I've been very happy with the workouts which are dedicated to me for the entire 60 minutes! He lets me push ahead when I'm feeling stronger and helps me up when I'm weaker, all the while not judging me - well, at least not to my face haha"
- David G.

Come workout in-person anywhere from 1-10x/month, depending on what works best for you! I  have online training available so that we can supplement your in-person workouts with some you do on your own. Book yourself into my schedule below (FIRST SESSION FREE), or fill out the survey at the bottom of the page to get more information from me directly.