Personal Training


Individualized training programs designed to get you to your fitness goals. Specialities included: Fat loss, muscle toning, muscle hypertrophy, corrective exercise, postural realignment, functional training, and sport-specific training. Inquire here!

Duet/Small group training

Just like a personal training session but with your best friend(s)! Bring them in to train with you at a discounted rate. After all, AUSome Fit is dedicated to spreading health and wellness to as many people as possible! Inquire here!

Program Writing

Already an avid gym-goer? AUSome Fit will write programs for several weeks depending on your goals and skill level. One lump sum for less than that amount of time for training. It's that easy! We will schedule an assessment and a free workout session just so that I can see how you move and what your goals are, then the program will be sent to you for your doing. Inquire here!



Group Fitness outside at one of the most beautiful parks in the world - Golden Gate Park! Please inquire here to be added to the email list being used to set up days. We are usually on Tuesday and Friday at 1130am (depending on weather) at the skate rink off of 6th street. 

Nutritional Counseling

With Precision Nutrition and years of experience as the background, I design diet plans and programs that are sure to elevate your results to the next level. The free consultation I offer allows me to dive into your diet and pick out what could be changed in terms of energy consumption throughout your day. Inquire here!