Banana and Broccoli

Today I wanted to touch on two things I eat every single day. Naturally, I want to make sure I am making good choices in the supermarket.

Not much on the banana outside of the fact that there are little phytonutrients available in the Cavendish variety (the long, typically yellow variety we see most commonly in the supermarket).

Cavendish variety does have some fiber and a good amount of Potassium (K+). Store bananas in the refrigerator ONCE THEY HAVE RIPENED completely. 

Other (more nutritious) varieties that are available in larger supermarkets:
-Baby bananas-->More Vit C, Vit A, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, and Zinc
-Red (Red Finger) Bananas-->Higher in Vit C and Carotenoids (ready to eat when skin is dark magenta color w/ brown streaks)
-Burro (Let ripen until flesh is yellow for best flavor

Broccoli: Once harvested, begins losing its sugars and nutrients very quickly.
-Choosing the freshest heads in the supermarket is key to maximizing phytonutrient content: 
   -Whole heads are greater than florets
-Chill as soon as you bring it home and eat it raw or cook it ASAP
-If storing, use the pin-pricked, sealed bag in humidifier drawer method.
-Boiling or cooking in microwave kills many beneficial nutrients. Raw is the way to go!

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