The High-Intensity and Clean Eating Paradox

There is a very interesting thing going on with all of the FAD workout routines and long-term "Low Carb" diets and such. It's fascinating because it is an aspect that people think they don't have to deal with, but it ends up kicking them in the butt. 

When done correctly, training programs should be built on the principles of specificity (work on what you want to be better at), overload (pushing the body physically), progression (increasing volume of training over time), and reversibility (if you don't use it, you lose it). 

I have a number of friends/instructors/clients that do classes like Barry's Bootcamp, SoulCycle, etc. that are built on intensity. This is all fine and good as it IS a very good workout and CAN stimulate change in your physique. In fact, I appreciate some of them very much as they can be great TOOLS to advance your physique/reach your fitness goals; I personally did a sequence of Barry's classes up to my photoshoot and it worked fantastically!

 My problem with them is that they have become the ONLY exercise that some people do. People are taking upwards of 5 classes a week because it IS such a good workout. 

What I find interesting though, is that the ones that are taking the most classes - and don't stimulate their body any other way- are starting to plateau. Some, are even getting less healthy looking. Is this overtraining? It could be. Especially for the HIIT classes. It is definitely a potential issue. However, the real problem is more likely due to the body's ability to "get used to" a certain diet strategy or workout. 

Another important principle in fitness is Variability. Constantly changing your workout is important!

The body gets used to running on low carbs, the body gets used to high intensity, the body IS AMAZING and will make due with what it has. It IS smarter than your diet plan! This is why it is so important to stimulate the opposite in your diet plan (controlled cheat days)! This is why it is important to stimulate the opposite in your exercise plan (doing a new class or turning up cardio a little bit or trying a new resistance training exercise)!


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