There is one major difference between clients that seem to coast through their sessions and clients that truly make changes in their physique/attain their fitness goals; that difference is found in their motivation. 

I don't remember exactly when or where I learned this, but the difference in effectiveness of intrinsic motivation versus extrinsic motivation fascinates me. 

For those that may have not heard of this, or don't recall exactly what it means:
Intrinsic Motivation: Engaging in a behavior because it is personally rewarding (i.e. you do it for the sake of doing it, or because it makes you feel uplifted doing it).

Extrinsic Motivation: Engaging in an activity or behaving in a way because it rewards you externally (i.e. doing well on an assignment to get a good grade or not doing something in order to avoid punishment).

Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to work with a number of clients, ranging in their motivation from wedding fat loss to fit in a dress, to bulking up. Now, the interesting part is where the motivation is coming from. For example, while a wedding may be motivating, that motivation could come from deep down inside oneself, or externally. 

Quick story about a client I had a year ago: Client A had a wedding coming up in about 3 months. She, like many other clients I have had, decided it would be best to go with a 12-pack to get 2x a week in for 6 weeks, and then she would reconsider buying a package. In those six weeks, she flipped her life upside down - she stopped drinking, she did her homework (at least 1x a week extra), and truly invested herself. Why? It was about so much more than getting into a dress (extrinsic motivation) - she was determined to be the best version of herself on that wedding day. She lost 3.2% body fat and gained 6lbs of lean body 6 weeks!!! It was truly exceptional getting to work with someone so passionate and ready to do what she needed to do, to get to her goals.

Let's get to a point here:

FIND YOUR INTRINSIC MOTIVATOR! There were even studies done proving that intrinsic motivation plays a bigger role in success than extrinsic. It's that drive that keeps you going even when all you want to do is give up. It's that thing that pushes that sugary treat away because the ultimate goal is better than the short term reward. 

Here are is a question I would like to pose to help you find your intrinsic motivators:

  • Why?

Like a child might do, ask yourself this question repeatedly until you pinpoint why it is that you do what you do. If it doesn't boil down to something like, 'It makes me happy', or 'because I have to prove to myself...' (for example); you may not be intrinsically motivated to reach this goal, continue this job, be in this position, etc. This can often lead to compounding stress - which, as we know, can lead to all sorts of physical issues - and result in being defeated by oneself.

From there, make a plan.

Aaaaaand that is where I come in. I am here to make sure that you have something to work on at all times. This blog is meant to give you ideas of things that can ultimately change the way you live your life, in a positive way! Small, consistent, long term changes produce the best long-term results.

Will go into why FAD diets fail soon, I promise, but this post is getting lengthy. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, get your friends/family to subscribe to the blog. I am here to spread quality information to the masses! Free, high-quality information in your email (sorta-still working on the whole post-in-the-email thing). 

Also, if you've made it this far. IF YOU CLICK the post header, you can leave comments. I'd love to see what you guys are thinking about these so that I can expand or so that we can have discussions. 

Thanks for reading!!




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Welcome to an Austin Rant

Many of my close friends/ SOs have noticed that I go off on rants regarding things I am very passionate about. Some of those things include: Grammar, science (not that surprising), people (I mean, if I am passionate about some of these things, I am going to run into those that do not meet expectations haha), politics (don't get me started on the stuff right now - I straight up get flustered); music (especially those that are ACTUALLY musically talented), and a few more (NOTICE the Oxford comma, thanks).

Probably the most important one, though, is fitness and/or exercise.

As a fitness professional, it is important for me to be up to speed on workout/diet/exercise/fitness FADS. Yeah, I said it...FADS! 

Some are better than others. I don't want to get into specifics because I want this to be a very positive and uplifting blog, but SOULCY- I mean - CROSSF - sorry, I'm terrible at this...let's just keep it at 'some are better than others.'

Which brings me to what I want to talk about. 

I am one of the first people in the world to say, "do whatever gets you to move/workout". That's the point right? Stay active. Uh, yeah I mean let's make sure that what we are doing is going to be benefitting us in the long run and that whatever it is we are doing for a workout is supplementary to our lifestyle.

YES, if you spin for an hour and burn 400-1000 calories (on the high side I think - not sure - also doesn't change my point), and then you go eat a sandwich and fries, I'll just go ahead and say WORKOUT WASTED. Oh wait, but carbs, good for post-workout...right? Well, yes, they are used to restore glycogen (sugar, basically) in the body for fast energy use later and for muscle building. What I don't think people account for though, is the intensity at which work needs to be done and typically for a short period of time for something to truly be High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). If you can do it for an hour straight, it's not HI, sorry. "But there are hills!" Right, and you're literally pedaling continuously for that hour which means your body is burning a higher proportion of fat to carbs. Yes, energy being used, No, not that much of it is from that sandwich and fries you ate after your last class or whatever. Again, not bashing on (Insert happy word relating to health/happiness/nirvana/life)-Cycle as it is important to make sure that you are at least active (don't get me started on why this particular one is freakishly bad for your long term health), but the thing is, HEALTH AND FITNESS IS 10X MORE THAN JUST EXERCISE and LIKE MAYBE 98.3X MORE IMPORTANT THAN A SINGLE WORKOUT A WEEK! It TRULY is a lifestyle! It's no surprise why our world is literally turning more and more into Wall-E everyday (also if you haven't seen Wall-E...seriously, stop reading this and watch it...after you subscribe). Heart related issues are becoming the norm and our response is, "Hey let's make these people with poor hearts go faster than their heart/body can handle, make them pay ridiculously large amounts per workout, BUT NOT teach them how to eat properly; or promote a healthy, movement-oriented lifestyle that gives us an opportunity to stop being so freaking connected to our phones".

Conclusion: Obviously, personal training (shocking I would promote that, I know) is high on the list of options that could ACTUALLY promote a lifestyle change - especially with a good trainer AHEM (haha). More importantly, GET CURIOUS! GET INTERESTED! GET MOTIVATED! Find what drives you and use it to challenge yourself! Set SMART goals that push you to change that lifestyle for the better. Some of my favorite subtle (okay some not so subtle) lifestyle changes include:

Decreasing Caffeine (oh man this one hits close to home) - at least make it as natural and wholesome as possible. I will tell you a little more about my Energy drink past and what pushed me to change that in another post...

Eating Whole Foods - man has shopping at Whole Foods all the time been the best investment in my body I've made. I just feel cleaner inside.

Canceling TV (yeah, I said it). There are plenty of ways to keep TV around (Netflix/HULU/etc.), but not having Cable to fallback on has been amazingly productive for myself

Taking walks for the hell of it or to the store - because the city around us is beautiful!

Trying a new diet regimen (not a FAD diet - oooooh rant post soon just on diet) for the fun of it - to change it up a little bit

Trying some new sports with a friend

Getting a book on cheese because it isn't a computer thing and because you can learn a lot about the world through its cheeses!

Drinking more water!!!

Getting off Soda completely - nothing...there is nothing in it for your poor body

Okay, I am tired now. I am proud of this first rant post. As I feel out the website a bit more they will get more extravagant, but for now you get business-oriented, positive stuff/ideas. 

Also, don't stop doing spin if that is your jig, just isn't for me...or our bodies...but yeah, keep up the moving at least! :)


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