Are all fruits and vegetables created equal?

In short, 'No'.

Over the next few weeks I am going to do everything in my power to post about AT LEAST ONE fruit or vegetable family (or one of each) EVERY DAY. The reason? Because of the question posed above. 

Since we became an agricultural society (many, many years ago) we have done a  lot of damage to the nutrients we find in our fruits and vegetables. The result? A problem that seems to contradict everything we know about the healthiness of these wonderful foods. 

As the saying goes, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'

...umm not quite. The thing is, certain fruits and vegetables have lost some OR MOST of their nutritional value due to our way of modifying, growing, transporting, storing, or cooking our food. These next posts are meant to breakdown some of the findings regarding which fruits/vegetables have retained their beneficial properties; which variations of fruits and vegetables should be focused on at grocery stores/markets; and which storing/cooking methods should be used to maximize these nutrients. 

To keep the post short, today we will only talk about Leafy Greens

1) Look for the darker colored (more bitter) loose-leaf varieties of lettuce/greens (but when compared to bagged greens, heads of lettuce win in level of phytonutrients)

2) To preserve nutrient levels, preparation after purchase can change the game. Soak lettuce for ten minutes in very cold water - dry - store in pin-pricked sealed bag to maximize nutrients whilst stored. 

3) If using bags of mixed greens, look for most colorful combination of freshest leaves.


This information has been pulled from "Eating on the Wild Side" by Jo Robinson. An amazing resource to check out if you don't want to wait for posts. Hope you enjoyed!


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