Caffeine and Exercise

As I sit here with my coffee, I couldn't help but ponder about the public perception of caffeine.

It is widely believed that caffeinated drinks dehydrate you. THIS IS A MYTH! Let me throw out some reasons to actually intake some caffeine, rather than avoid it heading into your next workout.

Where does this idea come from? 
The natural diuretic effect of caffeinated drinks is what was assumed to result in dehydration. ACTUALLY though, the drinks that contain caffeine are typically composed of enough water to do the opposite, and HYDRATE you. 

NOW, that doesn't mean that all caffeinated drinks are created equal! Think sodas, coffee, tea, pre-workout mixed drinks, etc. What will actually feel dehydrating are sugary drinks like soda. The high levels of sugar in the blood need to get diluted (pulling water from the hard-working cells) and then eliminated in our urine.

Meanwhile, unsweetened tea, coffee, and some pre-workouts are not only hydrating, but can be very beneficial to your workout. In studies done on athletes, it is not just a perceived (placebo) effect, but an actual positive effect on their energy levels, resulting in overall better results. 

CAFFEINATE (except for late night workouts - SLEEP IS TOO IMPORTANT)!


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