Along with the new monthly payment system, I hope to continue to provide incentives to STAY CONSISTENT. 

Why? Well, consistency is the key to success!

Besides the fact that the science behind the Supercompensation Theory is based on hitting muscles consistently; it truly comes down to being able to maintain healthy habits over a long period of time. 

Let me give you a personal example from just the last few months:

As many of you know, I had a photoshoot that I cut down heading into. What it was though, was an unsustainable cut that involved ridiculous classes up to 5x a week, on top of strength training, and on top of cardio. In terms of diet, I was intermittent fasting on top of a low carb diet with little to no alcohol intake. It worked...well...until the photoshoot. After that I was so exhausted from the cutting down that I packed on weight for the next month or so. 

In order to make a point - and not much else haha -I decided to take seriously the idea of intermittent fasting and apply it daily to see how much of an effect it would have on my body fat content and how that would compare to pre-photoshoot me when done strategically and less intensely over about the same period of time. 

What is interesting is that today, even after putting on some weight and without the crazy workout schedule, I have fallen into a pattern that has gotten me to a LOWER body fat percentage than I was even at the time of the shoot! My favorite part? I haven't been saying no to alcohol! Now, I am not saying go out and drink like a fish, BUT, what I am saying, is that the consistent dieting and consistent workout schedule result in BETTER long-term changes than crazy intense dieting and workout routines. 

Making healthy habits doesn't mean hating life! It means changing your perception of 'healthy' foods and adopting a strategy that lends itself to consistency so that you don't have to worry about anything. Just let the consistency do the work!

My daily ritual:
-Casein protein supplement for breakfast
-5 WHOLE eggs, a salad, AND some oatmeal or sweet potatoes for brunch
-Salad with typically low-ish fat content dressing - think vinaigrettes (but don't mistake this for the lack of good fats on the salad - like avocados and lean proteins) for lunch
-Vegetable and (low glycemic OR high benefit) fruit smoothie alongside chicken patties for dinner
-2-3 High protein/high fat snacks during the day (Kind + bars, nut mixes, flax snacks)
-Casein protein supplement for before bed.



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