Blueberries and Blackberries - superstars

Hello again, and I apologize for the delay. Sifting through information to make sure that the information I am giving you continues to be concise, interesting and useful.

Today, we talk about the blueberries and blackberries.

Generally speaking, both have retained a relatively high amount of their nutritional highlights. 
Both are rich in anthocyanins, Vitamin C, low in glycemic load, and high in fiber. 

They have the potential and have been shown to slow brain aging, fight cancer, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease! more!! I have a medium sized handful in each one of my blended vegetable/fruit smoothies that I usually have for dinner. These also contain (raw) leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli, sometimes bell peppers and sometimes bananas. 

-Buy the frozen kind! Available year round and are nearly as nutritious as the fresh kinds. Make sure to thaw them in the microwave though, as you should minimize the time they are exposed to stuff that devalues their nutrition. 

-Increase variety by shopping at farmers markets, specialty stores, or harvest berries at a U-pick farm.

-Eat them right away as they spoil within a few days - freeze them if you buy in excess. At that, sprinkle them with Vitamin C powder or a thin layer of granulated sugar to preserve some of their nutritional value before throwing them in the freezer.

-Cooking and canning of BLUEBERRIES CAN increase their phytonutrient value. Mmmmm to blueberry desserts and baked goods :)


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