-How important is breathing?

-Besides it being what keeps you alive?

Well, let me tell you.

In short, poor breathing technique can lead to a host of problems including but not limited to:
-Muscle impingement/poor movement mechanics
-Overactive muscles
-Stress injuries (there are so many we could count off that we run into regularly)

How could the lungs cause all of these problems?

Like all body-related things, they are very connected to everything else! The body is a movement SYSTEM that works like a machine. If one part of the machine is not working efficiently/correctly, negative effects will be seen everywhere else in the system. There is a theory by Mike Boyle and Gray Cook that discusses how a joint is designed to be either stable or mobile and if it is not continuously made to be so, can result in injury. More intense discussion here if you feel so inclined. Final point here being this: even though there might be pain in one place, it is often a problem stemming from a joint adjacent to it. 

Back to the lungs. The breathing machine (lungs, diaphragm, etc) are PHYSICALLY ATTACHED to the spine via the Crus (plural of crura). They can be found at the bottom of the picture below. 

Getting to the point. You breathe 22,000 times a day...22,000 times a day!!! Now imagine a diaphragm that is unequally doing work/pulling (which is what we have because we have things taking up space in our body that get in  the way of the diaphragm, i.e. heart, liver, etc.) on our spine 22,000 times a day. In short, this rotates our spine, results in us sitting into our right hip, resulting in a stress injuries because we are unable to get into the other hip. 

There ARE ways to correct this. It takes focused work on the Left Hamstring, the Left Adductor, the Right Tricep, the Right Low Trap, abdominal muscles, correct breathing, (and more). 

What I recommend: Learn how to breathe correctly.

Pick up a balloon and start there. Yes, a balloon or a coffee stirrer (not the wood ones). You need to teach yourself to breathe equally on both sides before ANYTHING. 

This is only the beginning of the breathing lessons. More to come soon.

PLEASE Subscribe/Reply or fill out the "Getting Started" section of the "About" tab above if you have any questions or would like exercises to do specifically in regards to strengthening the above. 

Thanks for reading!

Correction from last post: Forgot to finish the recommendation section with a phrase that changes the actual recommendation: EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES!!! DO NOT AVOID THEM!



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