The Ultimate Question

All day long I get the wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact on a number of people's lives. Every single workout ideally pushes them in a direction closer to their fitness goals, helps them to relax and get away from their day-to-day (even if this means listening to my ridiculous stories), adds a bit of positivity and warmth to their day (if nothing more than literal heat). 

And all too often, I run into brick walls with overly tight muscles that seem to not smooth out in normal time; into clients unable to do their own outside work; into (a lack of) results that don't add up with the type of work being done (both nutritional work and physical work). I can usually attribute a lot of this to stress, a lack of motivation, or a combination thereof. It brings about a question I always want to ask:

"What is more important than your own health?"

-that one has to work to say, live in San Francisco
-that without work, it would be hard to buy the things we want,
-that once you have a family, a life, that you can't just upend it and switch it around as you please,

The irony of this, though, is that we seem to work our body until it is physically breaking down, stressing it out so much that we can't actually push it as hard as we need to, to get the results we want. 

What is the point of working towards a life where we don't have to worry about anything, if we then have to worry about a health disorder because we weren't consistently working on our  health. 

Hell, lets put it bluntly, what's the point of working towards a worry-free living, if we aren't living?

So, what are some things that one can do to continuously make progress?
-MAKE time for your workouts
-MAKE time for your meditation
-MAKE time for your mobility work
-MAKE time to do the things that help you to relax
-MAKE time for YOU

Like many people I train, I often overworked myself and failed to make time for my mental health. This month has been revolutionary for me in that regard, and I must say, the results have followed!

Personally, something that has benefit me a lot, has been blocking out time from my schedule to workout. I frequently have clients/sessions booked from early morning to evening, so if I don't block out the time, my brain gets foggy, my mental health suffers, and eventually my business suffers.

Realistically, everyone around you (including you) benefits from your brain at full capacity - so fight for it to be there as frequently as possible. You won't regret it. :)


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